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Breaker 1 2 - Breakin' mp3

Breaker 1 2 - Breakin' mp3

Breaker 1 2
Jul 2013
Forbidden Planet
Techno, House
MP3 archive size:
1773 mb
FLAC archive size:
2977 mb




  • ArtworkPaul Gondry
  • DesignEli Sheiner
  • Design ConceptJurg Haller
  • Mastered ByMark Richardson
  • ProducerGreg Beato


Side A: 45 RPM
Side B: 33 ⅓ RPM

Track durations & BPM are not provided on the record.
A1: 127
B1: 123 | B2: 126


  • Distributed By – Diamonds and Pearls
  • Manufactured By – R.A.N.D. Muzik


  • DMT is the perfect balloon track, if you know, you know.

  • I've been DJ'ing for 15 years and producing for 8 years. I feel I know my way around the underground electronic scene, so when learning that this single is a HIT since a few I seriously get sad. Really??? This??? There is nothing here - no groove, no musicality, generic production value, no joy, no soul. Careful with those happy pills kids, they tend to erase your critical thinking.

  • For people into punk, metal, noise, drone, dark ambient music, soundtracks, UR, midwest 90's techno...,, track "2" totally hits the spot. Not for the faint of heart. This shouldn't have to be explained, really.

  • what did this record do to you cuz? you can tell us we're your friends

  • My man, I’m not trying to impress anyone. I have the right to review and criticize on this platform, so I did.I wouldn’t bother writing if it wasn’t the case that this is a really hyped record that people have bought crazy overpriced. What I see, though, is a lie. People aren’t using their critical thinking and are getting fooled, and I don’t want uninspired, depressing music like this to influence next generation of artists.

  • you've got some issues my man. I only like "2" but this kind of reaction isn't justified because you don't like a record. Who are you trying to impress here exactly? How long you've been doing this doesn't matter, your attitude sucks.

  • It's not the pills, there's something wrong with people . . . . This record is and always has been trash.

  • I think it's in that lovely pad where the soul is.

  • A1 sounds like a mix of a Jeff Mills track with something off SAW II, mesmerising.

  • To Fellow under this review:Fellow don't be a HATER, you are probably older then 30 and cranky everyday ))) Every record has its on audience, may be some of the other Beato's productions won't be so boring for your brilliant mind. First check all of Greg Beato releases and then talk sh1t. Its easier to hate then to admit that someone is way ahead of you.P.S.When you are trying to calculate and to figure out why its so popular, you are losing the main point that art is about feelings and magic not mathematics, even do math is important part in anything around you. You wont be able to produce something genuine if you are striping it down to a simple components without giving the space for magic that listener can feel and get related too.P.S. PART 2I hate haters because there are too many of haters and not enough space for me! 1.808.MISHAhttps://www.discogs.com/El-Tipo-Mas-Bonito-En-La-Generacion-De-Los-Feos-El-Tipo-Mas-Bonito-En-La-Generacion-De-Los-Feos/release/11155415

  • dont hate on the over 30's. I'm 44, and love this record! (keeping it positive)

  • Haha, ok, let me flip it on you:I'm not a hater, I have taste; I've rated over 4k releases on discogs, with an average of 4-stars. You have rated *11* releases with an average of 4.9 stars. OK :)You are probably younger than 25 and have no taste. You think you are clever because music makes you feel things, and you can't understand why anyone would find something that you enjoy boring. Its easier to type a two paragraph reply to some rando's online review than just tell yourself "I guess my taste is not universal, at least this other person has a funny perspective".Who really cares about my opinion, or yours? :) Beato sold more records than both of us, so I guess he wins, but I have several thousand other records to listen to before I bother with more of his. Have fun on discogs!

  • Is this one of the most aggressively hyped records of the '10s? 2,384 Have and 2,338 want it??Really??? Have you, like, listened to it since 2013? I thought it was boring then and it still sounds boring today, but I guess this guy released some records on L.I.E.S. so everything he does since then equals "5 stars, must buy!"... Smoke & mirrors.And those are 909 hi-hats, sparky, get a grip, this isn't 1992.

  • Just tired of all the hype and hyperbole around boring techno records the past few years, and voicing my opinion in the comments section. :)I would genuinely be interested to know why this record got so much hype, was it just the right place at the right time or does this label have an amazing publicist or something?

  • Why are you so angry? Let people enjoy the music they like.

  • is it just me, or does the track Estonia sounds like something from woody mcbride back in the day? that 909 pattern and that weird detuned bassline really sound like that :D

  • agreed, can definitely hear the woody mcbride influence in this track.

  • Greg Stevens and Chris Sattinger were also solid producers. Probably still are! I agree the rhythm and drum tracks are very 'Basketball Hereos'-esque, but what makes Basketball Hereos such a special record is the 303 and the 'fresh' sample

  • You are always welcome to have a beer with me

  • 'Basketball Hereos' [sic] I think that record had a typo on the label. One of my fave acid tracks ever!

  • You are right - it sounds a bit like Basketball Heroes

  • TECHNO IS MACHINE SOUL. There is humanity in this record: let it be a testament to the end of civilization; ship it and a 1200 to the moon for future civilizations to discover.

  • A1 rips my heart out, too much emotion in those damn hats.

  • As i rememiber right some repress waves floods the market a couple of month before with some several Forbidden Planet Releases. This Release here also, and some rest copys are still left in Stock. So buy or die - maybe last Change to get it regular in a Vinyl Store !

  • Even five years from now if copies disappear and discogs dealers are trying to get $50+ for it, fucking buy this record. I'm not joking. For real though, buy it now while it's in the cheap. Just got my copy from hardwax.

  • just ordered it! Lets see how it works on the floor..

  • So... how'd it go? [here are ten words for discogs lol]

  • don't like A1/B1 too much but B2 is a great one to slip under a "deeper" jam. really expands the grip.

  • agreed 110%, B2 gives such a feeling threat, really nice build-up

  • edit: beautiful record! copies available at hardwax in berlin .

  • god damn killer ep! 5/5

  • all incredible tracks. DMT 'bwahhhhhhhh' shivers and bosons flying everywhere...

  • I finally own this gem!

  • My Best Record in 2013, all titles are killers - What a nice new label !!!

  • It's nice to see a label acknowledging demand and repressing. The labels control supply.I support represses and reissues.LOVE THIS RECORD! Beautiful music. Good creepy artwork.

  • Feeling very sad for the resellers that this one is getting repressed over and over again.

  • ugh dmt is on another thing

  • This is considered by many as *the* underground techno gem of 2013 (like Delroy Edwards' "4 Club Use Only" in 2012) and well...to this day, I still don't get it. Sounds a little clumsy and unfinished to my ears. "2" is like a subdued demo of "Acid Eiffel" (or, for a more humble, contemporary and accurate comparison, of Delroy Edwards' "Love Goes On And On" which btw was also nice but by no means legendary either in my book). I know the ruff, slightly gritty, unprecise trippy sound is the dominant aesthetics these days in underground techno production, but to be honest I thought that for instance Greg Beato's "Respect The 78" was way more impressive in the trippy sector, whereas a 12" like Rhythmic Theory's "Siren Song/Genesis" was far superior in that 4/4 yet slightly maladjusted, "ruff-but-breathing" techno thing.Oh well, perhaps one day I'll fully get this one.

  • ... . .. . . .. . . .

  • do u get it yet?

  • You can do analog with software.

  • disagree big time about the 'love goes on and on' But do feel the rest

  • Analog stuff? He does just software.

  • Disagreed. Wouldn't consider this 12" clumsy at all. I've heard a lot rougher material lately and what I really like about these cuts is that they swing. Lots of the gritty analog stuff is overly busy and/or crappily mastered (on purpose at that) and just not funky. I like these rhythms. I like these sounds. Weird, soulful and butt-oriented, if you will. How it oughta be. I bought the record a few days ago BEFORE reading anything about it. No hype, just headphones. But to each their own.

  • agreed !

  • aka Greg beato(?)

  • yes and yes. it's greg and he's from Florida.

  • Wow wow Greg Beato is Breaker 1 2?????All this time I have been admiring both Breaker 1 2 and Greg Beato and never knew they were the same person!If its 100% legit that’s the most exciting thing I ever heard!Breaker 1 2- 2 and Greag Beato – 3 is that a little track title clue.

  • That's true! Sounds pretty like the Greg Beato remix for Akra's Surf on a waveform.

  • I know it

  • Even more specifically, I've read that breaker 1 2 is from Florida... And the I think phonica even said it's him

  • Was wondering if it was Greg Beato. The word is that the producer is from the states & he sure as hell sounds like him...

  • 99% sure, yes.

  • Looks like it. Cannot press this baby enough

  • The best EP to come out this year. "2" is superb, Estonia is massive but DMT is a majestic agressive & darker brother of Omar S Psychotic Photosynthesis. This is a tune I would dream of closing out a set at the DEMF in the underground area. Will never forget this release.

  • Shoot, you've got the right idea...see you there!

  • Just want to add my name to the roll call of love for this record. No doubt it is one of the best releases of the year. 2 is out of this world.

  • Was repressed a month or so ago. Won't be another after that.

  • No repress eh?

  • ey man, just wanted to give you massive props. really looking forward to future fp releases!

  • Cray cray all the way.

  • damn that dmt track

  • 2 - so beautifully blissfully aggressive it makes my head whir.

  • This is one of the serious dance floor weapons of the year. All 3 tracks are fucking certified bombs. Forbidden Planet now on my radar in a big way.

  • so naice