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» » Isaac Hayes, Gordon Parks, Johnny Pate - Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More!
Isaac Hayes, Gordon Parks, Johnny Pate - Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More! mp3

Isaac Hayes, Gordon Parks, Johnny Pate - Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More! mp3

Isaac Hayes, Gordon Parks, Johnny Pate
Shaft Anthology: His Big Score and More!
10 Sep 2008
Vol. 11, No. 8
Rhythm & Blues
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1DISC ONE: Shaft Music Composed and Performed by Isaac Hayes Rhythm by The Bar-Kays and Movement Title Shaft (Theme From Shaft) Vocal by Isaac Hayes 4:34 Shaft’s First Fight 1:46 Reel 2 Part 2/Cat Oughta Be Here 1:43 Bumpy’s Theme (Bumpy’s Lament) 1:44 Harlem Montage (Soulsville) Vocal by Isaac Hayes 3:32 Love Scene Ellie (Ellie’s Love Theme) 1:43 Shaft’s Cab Ride/Shaft Enters Building 1:38 I Can’t Get Over Losin’ You 2:06 Reel 4 Part 6 1:37 Reel 5 Part 1 1:35 Reel 5 Part 2 (A Friend’s Place) 1:44 Source No. 1—6M1A (Bumpy’s Blues) 3:05 Source No. 1—6M1B (Bumpy’s Lament) 1:32 Source No. 1—6M1C (Early Sunday Morning) 3:05 Source No. 2—7M1A (Do Your Thang) Vocal by Isaac Hayes 3:21 Source No. 2—7M1B (Be Yourself) 1:54 Source No. 2—7M1C (No Name Bar) 2:28 Shaft Strikes Again/Return of Shaft 1:36 Source No. 3 (Caffe Reggio) 4:23 Shaft’s Walk to Hideout (Walk From Reggio) 2:27 Shaft’s Pain 3:03 Rescue/Roll Up 10:44 Total Time: 62:07 Bonus Tracks Theme From The Men 4:09 Type Thang (From Shaft’s Big Score!) 3:53 Total Time: 8:04 Total Disc Time: 70:18 DISC TWO: Shaft’s Big Score! Music and Lyrics by Gordon Parks, Conducted by Dick Hazard Music Supervision by Tom McIntosh Blowin’ Your Mind (Main Title) Vocal by O.C. Smith 3:30 The Other Side 1:49 Smart Money 2:10 The Search/Sad Circles 2:31 Asby-Kelly Man 1:45 First Meeting 1:56 Don’t Misunderstand Vocal by O.C. Smith 1:46 Fight Scene 1:06 Ike’s Place 4:09 Move on In Vocal by O.C. Smith 3:38 8M1/8M2 1:25 Funeral Home 4:02 Don’t Misunderstand (instrumental) 1:53 9M3 0:44 Symphony for Shafted Souls (Take-Off/Dance of the Cars/Water Ballet/Call and Response/The Last Amen) 14:06 End Title 1:16 Don’t Misunderstand (demo) Vocal by O.C. Smith 2:00 Total Time: 50:24 Shaft (Television Series) Music Composed and Conducted by Johnny Pate “Theme From Shaft” Composed by Isaac Hayes “The Executioners” Courtroom/Leaving Court 2:36 Dawson’s Trial 1:58 Shaft Leaves Barbara/East River/He’s Dead, Barb/Cunningham’s Breakfast 1:58 Visiting Jane/Act End/Jury Meets 2:02 Cars and Bridges 2:43 Leaving Airfield/Shaft Checks Hospital 2:22 Shaft Gets Shot/Shaft in Car 1:29 Night Blues 1:02 Day Blues 1:04 Pimp Gets Shot 2:59 Handle It/Follow Cunningham 3:31 Shaft Escapes/Stalking Menace 2:42 End Theme 0:30 Total Time: 27:20 Total Disc Time: 77:50 DISC THREE: “The Killing” Opening 2:33 Diana in Hospital 2:37 Window Shop/Leaving Hospital/Ciao 1:28 Restaurant Scene/Punchin’ Sonny 2:52 Hotel Room 3:05 Diana Splits/Booking Shaft 1:31 Shaft Gets Sprung/Searchin’ 2:09 Pimps/Lick Her Store/Wettin’ His Hand/Diana Ducks Out 2:12 Juke Box/Hands in the Box 2:31 Shaft 2:53 Iggie’s Tail 2:21 Kyle Goes Down/Case Dismissed 1:21 Total Time: 27:52 “Hit-Run” Opening 1:57 He’s the Best/Reenact/Good Day 2:38 Travel Shaft 0:42 Coffin Time 1:34 To the Club 1:22 Ann Appears/Shaft Gets It 2:14 Jacquard 2:31 Dart Board/Kissin’ Time 3:09 Omelette 1:55 Cheek Pat/Don’t Shoot/Shaft’s Move 1:05 Funny Time 0:58 At the Club 2:12 Ending 1:49 Total Time: 24:29 “The Kidnapping” Chasin’ Shaft 3:00 Sleep, Dog, Sleep 1:37 Here Comes the Fuzz 2:11 I Said Goodnight/Walkie Talkie 3:46 Shoot Out 2:34 Total Time: 13:17 “The Cop Killers” Rossi Gets It/Hospital/Who the Hell Are You 2:06 Honky Horn 1:22 Sleeping Pigs 1:35 Splash Time 1:32 Shaft Gets It 1:50 Vacate the Van 1:41 Fork Lift 2:09 Shaft Theme (End Credit Version) 0:30 Total Time: 12:54 Total Disc Time: 78:49


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