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» » The Erogē Fanatic - Project Shrine Maiden
The Erogē Fanatic - Project Shrine Maiden mp3

The Erogē Fanatic - Project Shrine Maiden mp3

The Erogē Fanatic
Project Shrine Maiden
06 May 2015
Tsundere Violence
Glitch, Chiptune, Noise
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1The Flower Like the Fantasy1:46
2Himorogi, Burn In Violet2:58
3Bamboo Forest Of The Full Moon4:47
4Mysterious Purification Rod3:42
5Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream (Unused Version)4:57
6Midnight Fairy Dance4:05
7The Centennial Festival For Magical Girls4:46
8Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me1:37
9Gensokyo Millenium ~ History Of The Moon6:00
10Eternal Full Moon1:40
11 18 - Impossible Spell Card
12Cute Devil ~ Innocence3:29
13Winds of Time2:43
14Voile, the Magic Library3:58
15Lonesome Werewolf3:21
17Now, Until the Moment You Die2:47
18 13 - Undefined Fantastic Object
19Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial3:02
20 10 - Shoot The Bullet
21A Dream That Is More Scarlet Than Red2:06
22Dwarves Of The Shining Needle ~ Little Princess6:50
23Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room3:51
24 02 - The Story Of Eastern Wonderland
25Peaceful Romancer3:15
26Hakurei Shrine Grounds4:58
27Soul's Resting Place2:25
28Alice Maestra2:50
29Vessel Of Stars ~ Casket Of Star1:23
30 01 - Highly Responsive To Prayers
31Ufo Romance In The Night Sky6:15
32Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind7:35
33Wind Circulation ~ Wind Tour2:48
34Cemetery Of Onbashira ~ Grave Of Being2:12
35Humans And Youkai Coming And Going At The Canal3:11
36Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis [2]3:26
37A Shadow In The Blue Sky2:05
38The Traditional Old Man And The Stylish Girl3:43
39Youkai Modern Colony3:26
40The Young Descendant Of Tepes2:04
41Faint Dream ~ Inanimate Dream2:44
42Shanghai Alice of Meiji 173:18
43Paradise ~ Deep Mountain2:48
44Magus Night4:30
45Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon4:09
46Love-colored Master Spark4:14
47Plastic Mind3:26
48Enternal Transient Reign6:54
49Eternal Night Vignette ~ Eastern Night2:29
50Let's Live In A Lovely Cemetery (Complete)4:33
51Blade of Banishment2:10
52Lotus Road1:52
53 03 - The Phantasmagoria Of Dim. Dream
54Shinto Shrine2:52
55The Gensokyo The Gods Loved5:26
56A God That Misses People ~ Romantic Fall4:26
57Mound Of Life1:06
58Witching Dream2:06
59Septette for the Dead Princess4:42
60Reach For The Moon, Immortal Smoke5:58
61Game Over0:03
62Youkai Temple1:54
63The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field5:45
64Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple5:12
65 08 - Imperishable Night
66Power Of Darkness3:00
67Retrospective Kyoto3:24
68Sealed Demon's Finale3:58
69Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea4:05
70Strange Oriental Discourse2:59
71Arcadian Dream2:01
72A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander3:07
73Crystallized Silver2:18
74Angel's Legend6:08
75Strawberry Crisis!!5:50
76Staking Your Life On A Prank2:39
79Ghost Lead (Complete)2:55
80Spirit Battle ~ Perdition crisis1:49
81A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy6:41
82Forbidden Magic3:21
83Youkai Girl At The Gate (Complete)2:32
84Desire Drive (Complete)5:13
86Adventure Of The Lovestruck Tomboy4:55
87Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme [2]3:38
88Fires Of Hokkai3:33
89Decisive Magic Battle! ~ Fight It Out!4:23
90 12 - Subterranean Animism
91The Inevitably Forbidden Game2:17
92Gensokyo, Past And Present ~ Flower Land5:18
93Border Of Life2:05
94Record Of The Sealing Of An Oriental Demon ~ Pure Land Mandala2:55
95Charming Domination4:48
96Record Of The Sealing Of An Oriental Demon ~ A Phantom's Boisterous Dance3:24
98Captain Murasa4:21
99Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being4:43
100The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain4:16
101Theme of Eastern Story5:01
102Sky Ruin4:32
103Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble4:47
104A Dream Transcending Space-time3:36
105Higan Retour ~ Riverside View5:34
106The Maid And The Pocket Watch Of Blood5:35
107Raise The Flag Of Cheating3:48
108The Doll Maker Of Bucuresti4:10
109Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss2:42
110Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa ~ Candid Friend4:52
111The Road Of The Misfortune God ~ Dark Road4:08
112A Sacred Lot3:09
113Loose Rain5:23
115The Primal Scene Of Japan The Girl Saw6:07
116Victory Demonstration0:06
117Welcome To Youkai Temple (Complete)3:41
118The Refrain Of The Lovely Great War3:30
119Legendary Wonderland4:31
120Night Sakura Of Dead Spirits (Complete)3:30
121Returning Home From the Sky ~ Sky Dream3:55
122 14 - Double Spoiler
123Complete Darkness3:57
124Dark Side Of Fate3:38
125Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat6:34
126Maniacal Princess4:53
127The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten6:42
128 16 - Ten Desires
129Mystic Dream ~ Snow Or Cherry Petal3:09
131Strange, Strange Instruments2:19
132Wind God Girl5:52
133Ultimate Truth2:01
134Romantic Escape Flight4:06
135Extra Love3:07
136Cemetery Of Onbashira ~ Grave Of Being4:00
137Ghostly Person's Holiday1:31
138Evening Primrose2:53
139Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle5:26
140Futatsuiwa From Sado (Complete)4:46
141End of the World ~ World's End1:39
142Player's Score1:18
143Tomboyish Girl In Love3:04
144Voyage 19701:45
145Interdimensional Voyage Of A Ghostly Passenger Ship4:56
146Crescent Dream2:20
147Eternal Paradise2:28
148Dark Side Of Fate3:48
149Dreamy Pilot3:02
150Crimson Maiden ~ Crimson Dead!!4:23
151 05 - Mystic Square
152Tengu's Notebook ~ Mysterious Note3:18
153World Of Empty Dreams4:22
154She's In A Temper!!2:17
155Scarlet Symphony ~ Scarlet Phoneme1:59
156Sealed Gods2:44
157Flowering Night4:24
158Crimson Tower ~ Eastern Dream...3:39
159A Soul As Red As A Ground Cherry2:43
160Beware The Umbrella Left There Forever4:35
161Decoration Battle (Unused Version)3:40
162Extend Ash ~ Person Of Hourai5:24
163Old Distant Hermit (Gu Yuan Xian) (Complete)3:29
164The Capital City Of Flowers In The Sky6:17
165Mermaid From The Uncharted Land3:00
166Touhou Judgement In The Sixtieth Year ~ Fate Of Sixty Years6:59
168Dream Palace Great Mausoleum (Complete)4:02
169Maple Wise3:22
170Fall Of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall6:04
172The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream2:07
173Shrine At The Foot Of The Mountain2:30
174Visionary Game ~ Dream War6:24
175Starry Sky Of Small Desires (Complete)3:39
176Maiden's Capriccio1:29
177Flight Of The Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess5:34
178Border Land2:21
179Kaeidzuka ~ Higan Retour2:25
180Sealed Gods2:36
181Youkai Back Shrine Road (Complete)4:34
182Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path5:19
183Sakura Sakura ~ Japanize Dream...2:53
184The Grimoire Of Alice3:06
185Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not6:25
186Hatate Unlock1:25
187An Ice Fairy In Spring -still-2:22
189Shrine At The Foot Of The Mountain2:18
190The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain2:52
191Oriental Dark Flight4:27
192Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome5:53
193Sailor Of Time3:44
194Break The Sabbath2:10
195The Tank Girl's Dream4:59
196Mist Lake3:00
197Eternal Shrine Maiden3:11
198Heian Alien6:17
199The Road Of The Misfortune God ~ Dark Road3:49
200The Primal Scene Of Japan The Girl Saw6:12
201An Eternity That Is More Transient Than Scarlet1:54
202Magic Formation ~ Magic Square4:16
203The Last Judgement4:14
204Love Of Magical Chimes0:44
205Sleepless Night Of The Eastern Country4:31
206Bad Apple!!1:32
207Dream of Eternity1:39
208Diao Ye Zong (Withered Leaf)1:57
209Bell Of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare5:33
210Song Of The Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird5:08
211Deaf To All But The Song ~ Flower Mix5:30
212Tengu Is Watching ~ Black Eyes4:19
213Maple Dream3:44
214Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played With People's Shapes5:39
215 11 - Mountain Of Faith
216Charming Domination ~ Who Done It!4:48
217Starbow Dream3:38
218Cheat Against Impossible Danmaku4:08
219Reverse Ideology4:20
220Love-coloured Magic2:03
221Hakurei ~ Eastern Wind3:40
222Player's Score1:08
223Highly Responsive To Prayers3:06
224Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon4:07
225Tomorrow Will Be Special; Yesterday Was Not5:16
226Eastern Youkai Beauty2:43
227U.N. Owen Was Her4:20
228Because Princess Inada Is Scolding Me1:56
229Retribution For The Eternal Night ~ Imperishable Night3:13
230Bloom Nobly, Ink-black Cherry Blossoms ~ Border Of Life4:39
231Nostalgic Blood Of The East ~ Old World3:01
232Decoration Battle2:00
233The Fantastic Tales from Tono4:23
234The Positive And Negative2:02
235The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream2:28
236Rigid Paradise (Complete)2:40
237Player's Score1:15
238Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll3:57
239Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story1:45
240Lotus Love2:04
241Spiritual Heaven3:17
242Dream Express5:14
243 04 - Lotus Land Story
244Faith Is For The Transient People5:51
245Dimension of Reverie2:50
246Eternal Dream ~ Mystic Maple3:22
247Legend Of The Great Gods (Complete)5:10
248Disunified Field Theory Of Magic1:31
249Deaf To All But The Song2:58
250Vanishing Dream ~ Lost Dream4:31
251Illusion Of A Maid ~ Icemilk Magic2:15
252Romantic Children5:04
253The Exaggerated Castle Keep3:08
254Thunderclouds Of Magical Power4:46
255Nemesis' Stronghold3:06
256An Ice Fairy In Spring2:57
257Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple4:56
258Dream Of A Spring Breeze2:12
259Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa ~ Candid Friend3:40
260Stirring An Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect2:32
261Dream Land1:44
262Fall Of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall4:42
263Plain Asia3:34
264 06 - Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil
265Illusionary Shamisen Recital4:20
266The Sealed Cloud Route3:55
267Great Fairy Wars ~ Fairy Wars3:35
268The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain2:47
269Wind God Girl (Short Version)5:50
270Voyage 19692:55
271Mystic Oriental Love Consultation3:58
272Incomplete Plot1:55
273Apparitions Stalk The Night1:59
274Alice in Wonderland5:14
275 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom
276Eastern Blue Sky1:14
277Mystic Dream3:40
278Dimensional Dream4:17
279The Shining Needle Castle Sinking In The Air4:36
280Civilization of Magic4:02
281Dullahan Under The Willows3:37
282Sleeping Terror2:38
283Magic Mirror3:30
284Angel of a Distant Star3:31
285The Mound Where The Flowers Reflect2:26
286Midnight Spell Card3:14
287A God That Misses People ~ Romantic Fall3:25
288At The End Of Spring3:19
289The Legend Of Kage 2:48
290The Gensokyo The Gods Loved3:59
291End Of Daylight4:00
292 09 - Phantasmagoria Of Flower View
293Native Faith5:00
294Hiroari Shoots A Strange Bird ~ Till When3:54
295Lunate Elf2:58
296Magical Power Of The Mallet2:49
297Forest Of Tohno1:55
298Selene's Light1:17
299Magical Storm5:31
300abula rasa ~ The Empty Girl4:37
301The Mystery In Your Town3:39
302Rural Makai City Esoteria5:47
303Year-Round Absorbed Curiosity2:48
304The Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field5:06
305Doll Story ~ Doll of Misery3:37
306Native Faith4:55
307White Flag Of Usa Shrine3:42
308 15 - Great Fairy Wars
309Wondrous Romance ~ Mystic Square2:55
310 17 - Double Dealing Character
311Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes4:30
312Those Who Live In Illusions2:05
313 Oriental Magician3:40
314Faith Is For The Transient People3:29
315Flower Of Soul ~ Another Dream...3:48
316Bet On Death 2:33
317Magic Shop of Raspberry3:32


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